Green chemistry in fine chemicals - Oleoresin Paprika and Pharmaceuticals

Fine chemicals are generally prepared in batch reactors in small quantity only and they are exported outside at high prices. They are taken under the category of special chemicals and largely used for agricultural or Pharma applications. The future market of fine chemicals like Oleoresin Paprika is really wide and expected to expand in near future as well.

The fine chemicals are generally prepared by synthetic process and carried out continuously under catalyst presence. The process has to be followed by purification or filtration and leads material waste at the end.


Experts’ suggestions for industrialists

According to a latest research most of the fine chemicals are prepared in Asian countries only. The reason is low labor costs in Asian countries and availability of resources. The pharmaceutical Company is product oriented Company that relies on innovation most of the times. The industry is working with a single objective to maximize sales with reduces time to market and effective marketing strategies. 

Due to safety issues and quality problems, the production capacity for fine chemicals has been reduced to maximum extent. Here, we need better development techniques and methods for cleaner and safe chemical production. The main objective of approaching new development techniques is full control over product quality and putting an end of safety issues.

Why green Oleoresin Paprika?

Today, large scale industries rely on green manufacturing processes instead of adopting synthetic production techniques. This not only protects our environment but human lives too. The usage of organic fine chemicals has grown rapidly since last few decades especially when they are produced at industrial scale. The yield and total value of product can be maximized up to 100 percent by eliminating salt. However, they are still the expensive but really useful in the long run.

  • Green chemicals not only protect our environment but human lives too.
  • They are safe in use and high quality product as needed by the industries.
  • They can be used at commercial scale without any side effects.
  • They are 100 percent efficient and most innovative product solutions for Pharma or agro industries.

Today, fine chemicals can be availed at commercial scale with natural fragrances, flavors or perfumes. They can be used for various industrial applications from simpler to complex use. To know more about the product and customized solutions for the same, contact leading manufacturers or suppliers right away.


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